Hotels & Resorts

When we talk about Hotels and resorts, we think of relaxation, entertainment, fun and comfort. Good quality music is an essential part of all of the above. Designing audio system solutions for back ground music, announcements etc. for hotels and resorts is a challenging job as we need to choose the speakers such that without disturbing the interiors and architecture of the hotel/resort, we don’t compromise on the audio quality. Nowadays, integration with security systems like Fire- Alarm has also become an essential requirement. Moreover requirement of centralised music server playing different genres of music for different parts of the hotel like massage centre , gym , swimming pool , Lobby etc. with local Volume control and source selection has become more common nowadays.

Our References

  • 1. Jaypee -Agra
    2. Shekhar Resort-Agra
    3. MK Hotels-Amritsar
    4. Golden Tulip-Amritsar
    5. ITC Chola-Chennai
    6. Mahagun Sarovar Portico-Ghaziabad
    7. Clarks Inn-Ghaziabad
    8. Hyatt-Goa
    9. Jaypee Golf & Spa-Greater Noida
    10. New Rock Hotel- Gurgaon
    11. JMD, Hilton-Gurgaon
    12. Galaxy Hotel-Gurgaon
    13. Atara Hotel-Gurgaon
    14. Pullaman Hotel-Gurgaon
    15. New Rock Hotel-Gurgaon
    16. Leela Kempenski-Gurgaon
    17. Tarika jungle Retreat-Himachal Pradesh
    18. Mahindra Holidays-Lonavala
    19. Sahara City -Lucknow
    20. Sahara Star-Mumbai
    21. Meridien-New Delhi
    22. Hyatt Banquet-New Delhi
    23. Radisson Hotel, N.H. 8 -New Delhi
    24. Sarovar Portico-New Delhi
    25. Sheraton Hotel-New Delhi
    26. Taj Palace-New Delhi
    27. Radisson Hotel, -New Delhi
    28. ITC, Neyvelli-Neyvelli
    29. Jaypee Golf & Spa Resort-Noida
    30. SRK Diamond –Surat