Cinema theatres are a niche market with ever changing technology. We are dedicated to providing the World class custom Audio solutions varying from 3D Multiplexes to mini theatres. We are associated with brand JBL which is pioneer in the cinema speakers and are THX approved along with the state of the art Crown Digital amplifiers. JBL makes a wide range of Cinema speakers from 2-way design to 4-way to cater to the varying market needs.

Our References

  • 1. PVR-Bhopal
    2. Movie World-Ghaziabad
    3. PVR-Gurgaon
    4. PVR-Hyderabad
    5. PVR-Jalandhar
    6. PVR-Ludhiana
    7. PVR-Juhu Mumbai
    8. PVR- Mysore
    9. PVR-Nagpur
    10. PVR- Director’s Cut, Ambience Mall New Delhi
    11. PVR-Pune
    12. Bangar Talkies-Rohtak
    13. Fun Cinemas  Ranchi
    14. Rain Cinemas  Nellore
    15. Satyam Cinemas - Indore