EON Series

    EON 210P - Whether youíre making a presentation, teaching aerobics or a math class, performing stand-up comedy or making music with friends, itís not enough to be heard - you need to be understood. That means your personal PA has to be clear, replica watches natural and loud. The EON210P from JBL has all of the features youíll need to reach your audience and make that meaningful impression.

    EON515XT - Was engineered for durability, high performance and ease of use. Improved input sensitivity, lowering the noise floor, adding user selectable EQ control and re-voicing the system for peak performance and enhanced audio precision. The sturdy construction and superior ergonomic design will guarantee a lifetime of reliability and simplicity. Put it all together and the
    EON515XT is the toughest, smartest and most impressive EON ever.