AKG CS5 Digital Conference Sys

    Conferencing Interpretation system Discussion Voting With the CS 5 Digital Conference System, AKG has created a product line that covers any application from a small discussion setup to large, complex conference systems, easily meeting the most varied requirements. Comprising very few yet extremely versatile system components, the new CS 5 from AKG offers maximum flexibility and outstanding price/performance.In order to make systems both cost efficient and easy to design, the engineers at AKG placed unlimited expandability on top of their list of priorities. Depending on your requirements, you can add any number of microphone stations at any time, while keeping all the components of the existing system.

    The tried and tested performance of the AKG Discreet Acoustics Series microphones guarantees optimum intelligibility as well as intuitive, fatigue-free use. Five different models let you select the microphones that will perfectly fit the bill for your specific application.

    Microphone stations designed to be shared by two persons will not only reduce costs significantly, but also occupy less space on conference tables - a side effect that will surely please the delegates.